As promised in the December Newsletter we will continue using this mechanism to keep you informed of the activities and developments of the Association.




In this first 2022 Newsletter we want to highlight the relevance of populating the Observatory of Drug Discovery Capabilities and Capacities in Spain.

The observatory, that was presented in the November SDDN Annual Meeting, is open for registration, and we encourage you to alert your respective organizations that this could be a tool that will benefit all of us. 

We remind you that the Observatory has been created from the #ES-OPENSCREEN strategic network, in collaboration with @ASEBIO, @Farmaindustria, @SDDN, the #REDEFAR Community and other relevant agents in the sector.

The objective of this Observatory is to increase the visibility and cohesion of the drug discovery sector in Spain, to enhance synergies and interactions in the public and private sectors, as well as the connections and interactions with other international networks.

We are currently working on collecting information, so your collaboration is very important in order to have a comprehensive representation of all our capabilities.

Public and private entities, interested research groups, and professionals that work on any of the aspects of the Drug Discovery & Development process (from Target Identification to Candidate Selection), you all can add your data to the Platform.  Please click in the link below to incorporate your data.  


Observatorio Español de Drug Discovery

 SLAS Discovery Call for Papers: Early Career Showcase


In another subject, we would like to mention that the Journal “SLAS Discovery” has an open call for papers with the aim to showcase Early Career Professionals. Existing materials, such as the introductory section of a thesis, can often be built into very successful review and perspective articles by graduate students and postdocs.  Use the link above for more details.

Finally, we would like to remind you that the XIV SDDN meeting will take place in Granada during the fall. We will soon announce the dates and venue for the meeting.  Stay tuned for the details of this event and further announcements.

SDDN is greatly thankful to our Partners