Name of Authors: Geert A. Daudey, Mabel Loza Garcia, Bahne Stechmann, and Victoria Mora

Name of Institution: BioFarma Research group, University of Santiago de Compostela


EU-OPENSCREEN, and its Spanish node ES-OPENSCREEN, extends an invitation to chemists to contribute proprietary compounds to the Academic Compound Library Initiative. As a premier Research Infrastructure for chemical biology, EU-OPENSCREEN collaborates with an extensive European network of screening facilities and medicinal chemistry laboratories.

Submitted compounds undergo rigorous characterization for key physical and chemical properties, spanning light quenching/autofluorescence, solubility, bioluminescence reporters, reactive oxygen species, cell viability/toxicity (e.g., anti-cancer), and anti-bacterial/fungal activity. Bioprofiled compounds are regularly screened in diverse biological assays within user projects. Identified hits will be promptly communicated with the involved partners, and they will be encouraged to engage in subsequent research projects. External scientists at EU-OPENSCREEN partner laboratories can also screen submitted compounds, fostering collaborative exploration. Intellectual property rights are diligently governed by a transparent Material Transfer Agreement, with embargo periods allowing for timely patent generation before data publication.

Embrace the opportunity to propel academic chemistry forward. Join us in advancing chemical biology, where collaboration seamlessly intertwines with scientific discovery. Elevate your research with EU-OPENSCREEN and ES-OPENSCREEN.

Poster Congreso SDDN 2023