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SDDN offers the opportunity to sponsor and support this important event in the city of Barcelona with different options

Our partners


Almirall is a global company focused on skin health, founded in 1943 and with headquarters in Barcelona (Spain). Our Noble Purpose is at the core of our work: “Transform the patients’ world by helping them realize their hopes and dreams for a healthy life”.

AstraZeneca is a global, science-led and patient-focused company. It’s committed to transforming healthcare and is contributing sustainably to people, society and the planet. At AstraZeneca we harness data and technology to maximise time for the discovery and delivery of potential new medicines. Data science and artificial intelligence (AI) are embedded across our R&D to enable our scientists to push the boundaries of science to deliver life-changing medicines.

CDD Vault

Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD) provides an intuitive software suite extensively used by creative biologists and chemists working in academic, biotechnology and pharmaceutical settings. Their flagship product, CDD Vault, enables researchers to intuitively organize and analyze both biological and chemical data, and to collaborate with partners through a straightforward web interface. For more information visit this link


FAES Farma is a pharmaceutical company with more than 90 years of experience in the research, production, and commercialization of pharmaceutical products around the globe. Our goal is to take care of patients’ health by making new innovative pharmaceutical solutions come true.


Our event sponsors

Our company’s heritage dates back to 1935, when Dr. Arnold Beckman founded National Technical Laboratories in California. That year, he sold 87 of his recently patented pH meters, a groundbreaking technology that could be used for everything from water quality testing to laboratory research. Our mission today, which has changed little since 1935, is to empower those who are seeking answers to life’s important scientific and healthcare questions.

This mission embodies all our efforts to help customers get the data and answers they need, when they need them. These answers may be important for expediting development of a new, life-saving biopharmaceutical, to help exonerate an innocent person based on DNA evidence, or to help monitor patients with chronic diseases.


Celtarys Research develops and commercializes new chemical tools to speed up drug discovery, from compound screening to hit to lead optimization. Thanks to our LEGO-like chemical conjugation technology, we have developed a unique portfolio of fluorescent probes for GPCRs and offer a wide variety of custom synthesis spacing from bivalent ligands, polyfunctional ligands and protein functionalization.


Diversa is a forward-thinking biotech company committed to revolutionizing the world of drug delivery. Leveraging our proprietary drug delivery platform, we’ve developed unique solutions that unlock the therapeutic potential of a wide array of molecules – proteins, peptides, small molecules, and mRNA. Our services, including co-development and kit supplies, simplify the process of drug formulation, delivery, and testing, positioning our clients at the forefront of innovation. Diversa is the partner of choice for biotech, pharma and even cosmetic companies seeking to improve their molecule development journey while minimizing risks and maximizing outcomes. Experience the future of drug delivery with Diversa at our booth.


GalChimia is a CRO specialized in Organic Chemistry that offers services in Discovery, Process, and Analytical Chemistry for the pharma, biotech, and agrochemical industries. The passion for chemistry of our team is reflected in their ability to provide creative solutions to the most challenging syntheses, transforming the company into a European leader in Chemical Synthesis.


The Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) is an international professional society of academic, industry and government researchers as well as developers and providers of laboratory automation technology and tools. SLAS leads the pursuit of research excellence by offering tangible resources such as its international conferences and symposia, scientific publishing, and opportunities for continuing education, grants and scholarships, professional collaboration, networking and career advancement.


TargetMol is headquartered in Boston, MA. We diligently update and offer over 170 types of compound libraries and a wide range of high-quality tool chemicals, including inhibitors, activators, natural compounds, peptides, antibodies, and novel life-science kits for laboratory and scientific use. In addition, our lab allows us to conduct CADD (computer-aided drug design) and chemical synthesis to meet the customization needs of our clients.

Welab Barcelona is an integrated platform that offers drug discovery and development services, along with expertise to support R&D programs. Our services include gap identification, definition of the critical path, value proposition, and competitive differentiation. At Welab Barcelona, we possess end-to-end technological capabilities, expertise, and in-depth knowledge of the key steps in the pharmaceutical R&D process and industry standards. We aspire to be your partner in the discovery and development of new drugs or repurposing approaches, with the goal of providing the next generation of therapies to patients.


Werfen es una empresa líder en el desarrollo, fabricación y distribución de reactivos e instrumentos para diagnósticos especializados e innovadores.

Benefits of Partners and Event Sponsors

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  • SDDN Partners Protectors

This figure goes beyond the participation of the specific event. Supporting Members have a very important role in the sustainability of the Association, and they are expected to contribute not only financially but also in discussions about the strategy and future of the Association. 

  • Event Sponsors

This figure is designed for those companies or entities that want to have a stand in the exhibition area of the Congress to be able to present their products and interact directly with the Congress participants.


BenefitSDDN Partner
Event Sponsor RegularEvent Sponsor Startup*
Full Conference free registrations421
Booth in the exhibition hallYes
(Prime Location)
Sponsor’s logo on Banners on display at Conference, Meeting Webpage & Social Media, and Meeting Acknowledgments YesYesYes
Emailing to Conference Registrants*YesYesYes
Participation and vote rights in SDDN General MeetingYesNoNo
Communication and distribution of products and applications throughout the year to SDDN Associates*YesNoNo
Sponsor logo in SDDN web page (all year round)YesNoNo
Exhibitor tutorial (space limited, priority to SDDN partners)Free tutorial
20 min
Free flash talk
7 min
Free flash talk
7 min
Sponsorship of Meeting Sessions or Awards500 €500 €500 €
Promotional Lanyards & Accreditation Holders400 €400€400 €
Bag inserts0200 €200 €
FEE**2,000 €
1,000 €
per event
500 €
per event

* Less than 5 years old

**VAT for Event Sponsors fee is not included. Fee for Partners is exempt from VAT