Alberto Santos Delgado

The Power of Graph Structures to Integrate, Analyze and Interpret Multi-omics Data

Alberto Santos Delgado
DTU Biosustani Research Center

Alberto Santos is leading the Multi-omics Network Analytics research group (MoNA) and the Data Science Platform at the NNF Center for Biosustainability.

Alberto’s research focuses on data science applied to multidisciplinary topics in biology and aiming to address complex challenges in planetary and human health. One of the main research areas is on Knowledge Graphs (KG) leveraging thesetechnologies to structure data and connect them with existing biological knowledge, enabling the analysis and interpretation of the data. His group is providing the research community with frameworks to build, evaluate, and mine KGs in a standardised and reproducible manner. An example of this is the Clinical Knowledge Graph, an open source project that uses a KG to integrate and interpret clinical mass spectrometry-based proteomics data.

Further, MoNA is making use of Graph Machine Learning to uncover patterns, generate predictions, and reveal new knowledge by exploiting the relationships in the graph.