Anji Miller

From Bench to Bedside: The Value of Promising Translational Research

Skills lead, Innovation Hubs for Gene Therapies/ Senior Business Manager, LifeArc

Anji is a TT professional with more than 19 years’ experience of working with early-stage translational research. Anji has extensive experience of IP and contract management, licensing, business development of healthcare technologies, and development of knowledge transfer policies.  Her current role at LifeArc involves working with academic and charitable establishments to identify, cultivate, fund, and commercialise early-stage healthcare technologies, focusing on rare diseases and the advanced therapies.


A proponent for professional advancement in STEM careers, Anji is active in many initiatives missioned to address the current UK skills gap and training shortage. These include leadership of the LifeArc-AUTM TT Training Fellowship and LifeArc TTO Fellowship programmes, designed to train, and assist scientists to become TT professionals; directing LifeArc’s translational placement and training programmes, and working with external partners to improve STEM learning and development in education.  As the Skills Lead for recently launched Innovation Hubs for Gene Therapy, Anji works with the Innovation Hubs to address the identified skills needs in the advanced therapy sector. 


An advocate of equality diversity and Inclusion, Anji cofounded Global Equality, Diversity and Equality in Technology Transfer (GEDITT), an initiative missioned to raise awareness and promote EDI in the TT sector.


Anji holds an M.Sc. in Human Molecular Genetics and Ph.D in Cancer Genetics from Imperial College, and M.Sc. and Certificate in IP Law from QMUL. She is a certified project manager, Registered Technology Transfer Professional and Certified Licensing Professional.


Anji is a board member of AUTM, The Alliance of Technology Transfer Practitioners (ATTP), ASTP, Certified Licensing Professional (CLP) and, a member of the BioIndustry Association (BIA) Cell & Gene Therapy Advisory Committee, and the AUTM Equity, Diversity & Inclusivity Committee.