Julio Martín

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SLAS European Ambassador

Throughout 29 years of experience in the R&D of a big pharma (GSK), I developed skills to combine Science and Business, two worlds apparently difficult to reconcile. The first looking for disruptive innovation, the second pursuing operational and business excellence. PhD in Biochemistry, Enzymologist by training and discoverer of innovative medicines by professional career, I have maintained the same scientific motivation: to explain biological complexity through the laws of Physics and Chemistry, simplify the complexity, and making innovative discoveries that transform society’s quality of life.

My area of ​​expertise is preclinical drug discovery. I have also had the chance of working in a highly collaborative “open innovation” environment within Global Health. I have worked as freelance, consultant and advisor, and CSO of EvoEnzyme, a biotech start-up in Spain expert in directed enzyme evolution, where I have experienced the insides of entrepreneurship. Likewise, I am collaborating as advisor with different societies and foundations, such as European Ambassador of SLAS (Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening).